Industrial Bag Filter

Providing you the best range of pulse-jet bag filter, reverse pulse jet bag filter, cartridge type bag filter, conventional bag filter, pollution control bag filter and bag filter systems with effective & timely delivery.

Pulse-Jet Bag Filter

₹ 1.85 Lakh /Piece Get Latest Price

Voltage220 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power SourceElectric
Air Flow1000-300000m3/H

The Pulse-Jet Bag Filter dust collector has been designed to achieve maximum operating efficiency whilst reducing maintenance cost and time.Bag filters are generally used in application requiring high yield recoveries from pneumatic transport systems, or for the removal of hazardous materials from the working environment. Such systems may incorporate the use of a cyclone as the primary means of recovery followed by a bag filter unit for final separation of particles from the air stream. Alternatively the bag filter may be used as the only means of separation.The total recovery of conveyed product is the prime objective in each instance and this criteria can only be reached by balanced designed of the total system. Often the costs of installing such a system can be justified from increased yields. The pulse-jet bag filter dust collector is constructed from a series of modular components which allows for standardization, yet retains the ability to be completely flexible with selection, sizing, materials of construction, filter media and equipment arrangement. We believe that each application requires further careful evaluation and that the filter unit recommended should be on the basis of product characteristics, product to air loading and air to filter cloth ratios, with consideration of product heat stability and other physical and chemical properties. By selection of the correct filter sock material and consideration of the above factors optimum performance is assured. Advantages Of The Pulse-Jet Dust Collector Automated self-cleaning of filter bags Continuous operation High filter rates No internal moving part Low maintenance Fast top removal of bags working at the clean air side Dependable solid state timer controls Weather proof all welded construction Dust pre-separator baffle plate deflector.

Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter

₹ 80,000 /Number Get Latest Price

Discharge Pressure0.1-0.6 Pa
Temperature Range0 DegC to 240 DegC
Flow typeReverse flow type
Spm Efficiency99%

Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter is jet cleaned tubular bag filters designed for continuous operation in bulk handling and process applications. This on-line high efficiency reverses jet cleaning. All units have generous integral pre-separation chambers to increase their dust load capacity whilst reducing the load on the filter bags. Normal maintenance is from the top, within handrails if specified, but bag changing may be IT some Features Robust welded steel construction, Weatherproof for exposed locations, Compressed air pressure typically ,large integral pre-separation chamber


  • Cleaning sequence controller
  • Wide range of filter media to suit all applications
  • Easy access for maintenance of bags and cleaning
  • components from unit top within handrails
  • Discharge options include screw conveyor, rotary valve, gravity or motorized flap valve or quick release bin.

Cartridge Type Bag Filter

₹ 45,000 /Number Get Latest Price

Max Air Volume Range10.000 m3/hr
Length5-10 inch
Voltage220 V
Tensile Strength10 kN
Frequency50 Hz
Diameter1-2 inch

We Offers Cartridge Type Bag Filter with pleated filter bags and cartridges are an innovation over the conventional filter bags to address market requirements of higher efficiency and lower bag filter space requirement. These products are made up of spun bonded polyester, which works on the Modern filtration technology. As the media is assembled in a pleated fashion, it provides 3 to 4 times higher filtration area compared to conventional bags.


Conventional Bag Filter

₹ 75,000 /Piece Get Latest Price

Frequency50 Hz
Automation GradeAutomatic
Flow Rate>4000 m^3/hr
Valve Size1/2 "
Vessel Diameter400-600 mm
Vessel Height500-800 mm

We offer Conventional Bag Filter are widest selection of filter bags available anywhere. We manufacture and supply filter bags, also sometimes called filter socks or filter sleeves, for Pulse Jet, Reverse Air, and Shaker style bag house systems.Our media selection allows us to offer solutions for practically any application.



  • Gas temperatures up to 400° C: ceramic fibers
  • Corrosive gas stream – acidic or alkaline: fiberglass, PPS, Teflon, acrylic
  • Challenging particulates – fine, sticky, toxic, abrasive, combustible etc.: polyester, acrylic, Aramid
  • Nuisance collection or product recovery: polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt
  • Whether you have an ambient temperature or an acidic gas stream with high temperatures, our close relationship with filtration fabric producers means that we can even work with you to design a fabric specific to your demanding application.

Pollution Control Bag Filter

₹ 65,000 /No Get Latest Price

Voltage220 V
Power SourceElectric
Frequency50 Hz

Minimum order quantity: 1 No

We offers Pollution Control Bag Filter this is typical bag filter has a various dimension consists of 4 to 12 parallel bags. The length and depth of the bag filter varies from 300 mm up to 900 mm. Bag Filter media efficiency varies from very low (coarse filter) to very high (fine filers). The Bag filter material is made of glass or polymer fibers of different thickness or number of layers, depending on the required filter performance.


Bag Filter Systems

₹ 1.75 Lakh /Number Get Latest Price

Minimum particle size0.5 micron
Power8 kW
Frequency50 Hz

We are leading manufacturer of Bag Filter Systems We have gained enormous tributes by our clients for our excellent quality range of bag filter. These bag filters are manufactured using best quality material that ensures its long life. We made these filters available in both standard as well customized specifications. Our bag filters are highly acknowledged among our clients due to its proper design, smooth operation and easy installation. Additionally our bag filters are equipped with fully automatic bag cleaning device by compressed air pulse. As far as the usage are concerned these are basically used in air pollution control equipment. The finest part of this system is that it can filter heavy dust burdens and achieve desired collection efficiency at high temperature. The bag filter serves for dry separation of dust from waste gas. In order to ensure quality we follow industry standards in manufacturing the products by using high-grade material. We made these industrial pulse jet bag filters available at highly affordable rates.
Applications of Bag Filter Systems

  • Boiler Exhaust
  • Cement Mill
  • Kiln Exhaust
  • Rolling Mills
  • Coal Dust / Wood Dust

Low Pressure Bag Filter

₹ 1.25 Lakh /1 Nos Get Latest Price

MaterialMild Steel
Filter TypePolution Control Equipments
ColorIndustrial Standard Colour
ShapeSqaure Or rectangular
Max Pressure250 MM WC
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 1 Nos

We Offers Low Pressure Bag Filters the most characteristic feature of the low-pressure pulse jet technology is the low pressure of the blowing air vessel which is less than Minimum bar pressure. whereas conventional systems are operated . For this reason, far less mechanical precautions need to be taken and the primary energy needed for the cleaning process is significantly less. For cleaning the flue gas is routed to separate raw gas chambers via the raw gas duct and the raw gas butterfly valves. In order to prevent wear out and local deposits the flow is routed downwards into the hopper via deflectors with a preliminary removal of large particles taking place right there. The pre-cleaned gas, then, is brought to the filter bag from below and passes the filter media from outside to inside. During this stage the remaining impurities are removed. The supporting cages located inside the filter bags prevent collapsing of the bags during the filtration phase. The cleaned flue gas leaves the filter bags moving up into the clean gas chamber and is routed to downstream units via the clean gas header line

High Temperature Pulse Jet Bag Filter

₹ 1.50 Lakh /Number Get Latest Price

Body MaterialSS
Frequency50 Hz
Power SourceElectric
Automation GradeAutomatic

We offer High Temperature Pulse Jet Bag Filter systems are used for removing high temperature particulate materials from process and general ventilation air as well as to recover valuable products from several manufacturing processes. As a standard of the industry Bag Filter Systems have been used for diverse applications all over the world. "Bag pulse" collectors add versatility and in-built efficiency to the conventional bag filter designs for dust collection and pollution control applications. Now you can select the most appropriate size and design to meet your specific requirements.



  • Particulate material removal
  • For general ventilation air
  • For recovery of valuable products

Bag Filter System

₹ 50,000 /Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialMild Steel
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage220 V
Power SourceElectric
Minimum particle size0.5 micron

We Offers high end precision filter Bag Filter Systems from its state of manufacturing facility. These cages are produced using the latest automatic welding machines. These products are characteristic of their finish, ensuring smooth surfaces devoid of any burrs and sharp edges. Moreover the automatic machines provide for accurate dimensions and strength. The filter bag cages are the support system of the critical filter bags in a dust collector. Its quality in terms of dimensions, finish etc defines the life of the Filter bags and ultimately the emissions from the system.

Bag Filters

₹ 1.50 Lakh /Unit Get Latest Price

UsageFood Industry
Frequency50 Hz
Inlet Temperature (Degree Celsius)35 DegreeC to 400 DegreeC
Voltage220 V
Dust Removal Efficiency (%)99%
Automation GradeAutomatic
Power SourceElectric
Country of OriginMade in India

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide array of Air Pollution Control Bag Filters which is used to control increasing air pollution. These equipments filter the contaminated air and provide fresh air. The assortment of these equipments is widely demanded in industries such as Cement, Steel, Power, Sugar & Distilleries, Paper & Pulp and Chemical. These Bag Filters ensures recovery of particulate substance from exhaust gas is essential for two aspects of the industry i.e. to avoid the problem of pollution and recovery of finished products raising the plant yield.



  • Top Quality Media
  • Easy removal of bags for cleaning.
  • Tailored to suit customer requirement.
  • Temperature range from -35°C to 400°C



  • Cement
  • Starch
  • Detergent
  • Biochemical
  • Food industry
  • Paint industry
  • Bulk chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dyes & Pigments
  • Ceramic industry
  • Mining & Minerals


Bag Filters

₹ 95,000 /Piece Get Latest Price

Pressure5-6 kg/cm2
Minimum Particle Size0.5 Micron
Country of OriginMade in India

We offers Offline Bag Filters contains 4 to 6 bag filter compartments. Each compartment is similar to online bag filter. When Differential pressure is reaches to target pressure. The Dusty Air / Gas flow through a particular compartment is stopped temporarily when the pulse cleaning of the bags is to be done. The dust dislodged from bags settles falls in the hoppers because of absence of Air/gas movement in the bag filter compartment. At the same time the remaining compartments are in Filtering cycle

Bag Filtration Systems

₹ 85,000 /Number Get Latest Price

Automation gradeAutomatic
Material Of ConstructionMS

We offering the highly effective Bag Filtration System with filter cleaning apparatus that utilizes pulsed air for removing the waste matter collected on the first surface of filter. The reverse flow of this Bag Filter system loosens the material collected inside hopper situated on the upstream side of Bag Filtration System. Optimization of reverse pulsing is done by directing the pulses towards filter with controlled shape and time. Then the system starts pulsing with continues thermal exhaust flow without interrupting the operation of engine. We provide option to utilize number of valves for cleaning more than one filter.


• Economically Designed

• Low Maintenance

• Low Operative Cost

• Low pressure drop

• High Collecting Efficiency

Bag Filter

₹ 1.25 Lakh /Number Get Latest Price

UsageRubber Industry
Filtrationupto 5 micron
Pressure5-6 kg/cm2
Dust Removal Efficiency (%)99.99%
Porosity0.3 um
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Number

We offers this type of Online Bag Filter, bags are cleaned row by row, even when the dust laden gas is filtered. The sequence of Filter cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence control Timer; it gives signal to solenoid operated pulse valves which direct the High pressure air pulse to Filter Bags. Bag Filter is supported from the ground on structural legs. A caged ladder provides access to the top of the unit for maintenance. Dust laden air enters through the hopper by suction. The heavier dust particles fall off at the entry itself, while the lighter dust gets carried upward to the bags. The dust gets deposited on the outer surface of the bags and clean air moves out from the center of the bags and escapes out from top air outlet. The dust collected on the outer surface of bag is removed in a pre determined cycle by a momentary pulse of high-pressure compressed air. The compressed air moves from an air reservoir or compressed air header, via the particular pulse valve into the compartment manifold and thereon into the bags, in the row beneath it. Applications Cement industry Powder conveying industry Abrasive industry Rubber industry

Bag Filters

₹ 65,000 /Unit Get Latest Price

UsageAir Filter
Filter Medium MaterialActivated Carbon
Thickness2 to 5 mm
Area1.2 to 12 m2
Country of OriginMade in India

We offer Pleated Bag Filters are best selection of filter bags available 

Benefits of Pleated Bags

  • Polyester media and polyurethane end caps in the bottom prevent abrasion/leaks
  • Can be retrofitted into existing bag house using existing tube sheets
  • Short pleated filter bags minimize need for investing in large bag collectors and require less air for pulse cleaning


High Pressure Bag Filter

₹ 3.50 Lakh /Piece Get Latest Price

Filtering Area180 m2
CapacityUp to 300000 m3/hr
Working Pressure1 MPa

We offer High Pressure fabric Bag filters are perhaps the strongest standard fabric filters made today. Useful in pressurized or explosive systems, these units are available as a standard as per construction with capability to almost any pressure.

  • High-build epoxy paint as standard.
  • Stainless steel tube sheet and blow pipes are standard.
  • All units available with davit arm for easy maintenance.
  • Top bag removal with snap band connection.
  • Available for almost any pressure; just ask.

Pressurized Bag Filter

₹ 85,000 /1 Nos Get Latest Price

We Manufacture Pressurized Bag Filter as per Current air quality standards often require better filtration efficiency than traditional. Polyester bag filters can deliver. The dusts being collected may also be so abrasive the non-woven filter media being used in the older bag house develops holes in the bottom of the filter bags, leading to very short filter life.

Hazardous Waste Bag Filter

₹ 86,000 /Unit Get Latest Price


We offer a remarkable position in this industry we manufacture an excellent range of Hazardous Waste Bag Filter. Fabricate Under the supervision of our adept professionals utilizing superior quality raw material and contemporary technology.



• Precision-engineered

• Industrial approved design

• Long service life

Pleated Cartridge Bag Filter

₹ 85,000 /Unit Get Latest Price

Medium MaterialFiber Glass
Frequency50 Hz
Thickness2 to 5 mm
Voltage220-380 V

We Manufacture Pleated Cartridge Bag Filter as per Current air quality standards often require better filtration efficiency than traditional. Polyester bag filters can deliver. The dusts being collected may also be so abrasive the non-woven filter media being used in the older bag house develops holes in the bottom of the filter bags, leading to very short filter life. Pleated bags are now providing cost effective solutions for most common issues affecting bag house dust collectors today.

Cyclone Bag Filter

₹ 90,000 /Unit Get Latest Price

Voltage220 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power SourceElectric

We offer Cyclone Bag Filter is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or water stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids. A high speed rotating flow is established within a cylindrical or conical container called a cyclone. Air flows in a spiral pattern, beginning at the top of the cyclone and ending at the bottom end before exiting the cyclone in a straight stream through the center of the cyclone and out the top. Larger particles in the rotating stream have too much inertia to follow the tight curve of the stream and strike the outside wall, falling then to the bottom of the cyclone where they can be removed. In a conical system, as the rotating flow moves towards the narrow end of the cyclone the rotational radius of the stream is reduced, separating smaller and smaller particles.

Cartridge Bag Filter

₹ 850 /Number Get Latest Price

Product TypeFilter

Minimum order quantity: 1 Number

We Offers Cartridge Filters generally operate most effectively and economically on applications having contamination levels of less than 100 ppm. For heavier contamination applications, cartridges are normally used as final polishing filters. Applications Pre RO water Chemicals Beverages Solvents Compressed air Cosmetics Alcohol


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